Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seeking God in Every Decision

Joshua 9:1-27

My wife and I were reading Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Parenting. One of Thomas’ points is to emphasize the need for parents to seek God as they are raising children. He cites the Gibeonites as an example of the dangers of not seeking God. The story is found in Joshua 9. Joshua and the Israelites are in the midst of their conquest of Canaan, and the other peoples in the area are fighting for survival. One such people came up with a trick. They wore old clothes and had old food, and convinced the Israelites that they had come from far away. They wanted a treaty with the Israelites. The Bible specifically says that, before making the treaty, the Israelites “did not inquire of the Lord.” Thomas’ point was that parents should be seeking God in their parenting decisions. What about at work? The lesson of the Gibeonites fits the workplace as well. When you’re faced with a decision at work, do you seek God or do you make your decision on your own? Even in small things, do you seek the Lord or go it alone? From all of the evidence that the Israelites had to go on, they were making the smart decision. It made sense. Have you been in a situation like that, where the “smart” decision turns out to be the wrong one? Seek God in your decisions, even the small ones. Don’t take a risk on a bad treaty.

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